Gnome Accounts integration - Error connecting to Nextcloud - Code:8

kernel: 5.18.7

Nextcloud version: 24.0.2
OS: Linux 4.18.0-147.8.1.el7h.lve.1.x86_64 x86_64
PHP version: 7.4.29
Hosted by a provider

I’m unable to connect to my Nextcloud using the Gnome’s Online Accounts settings.

When I enter my Nextcloud credentials, it does this:

But I have no problem running the Nextcloud Desktop application and login goes smoothly. Apps, Phone apps also don’t have any problem login to my Nextcloud.
I tried with my main Nextcloud password, I tried with an app password.

The problem looks similar to the one described here: I get a "code 7" error when trying to login to Nextcloud from Gnome "Online Accounts" - ℹ️ Support - Nextcloud community

Like in that situation, the Nextcloud is hosted by a provider (hosting my websites, and offering the Nextcloud hosting). So I get that it could be a provider issue.
But I don’t understand why I can run the Nextcloud application flawlessly and not the Gnome integration.

Am I the only one with that issue?
Does anybody know the difference in the way Gnome’s Online Accounts and the Nextcloud application handle the login?

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