Gnome 42 locks up periodically while in the activities pane (X11)

Hey Folks, I am having an issue which persists across a clean reinstall of arch/gnome on X11 (nvidia), on multiple different machines. Multiple times per day (sometimes multiple times an hour) I will hit the super key to goto the activities pane, and 1 of 2 things will happen.

Scenario 1: On one PC the screen will go completely grey (gdm grey), and the top bar will remain. The top bar will be unresponsive for several seconds, but then eventually it will become responsive and expose a menu on click. At that point I can hit super again, and go about my business.

Scenario 2: On the other PC I hit the super key , and get the activities pane completely unresponsive to input, however the app preview windows continue to update, and the top bar menus remain active. If I was listening to audio or in a voice call, all that continues to work. This situation requires a reboot to resolve.

I have my journalctl from a recent reboot where scenario 2 was taking place, and will attach it.

Some software I have installed on both hosts where this happens is:
MS Teams Insiders
Telegram Desktop

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Here is my journalctl from when I unlocked and sat down at my desktop, until scenario2 played out (13:12)


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