Glib equivalent to strftime()

I’ve recently discovered that the ‘C’ function strftime() has a reputation for behaving differently in different compilers. I have glib available here (though still at v2.24) and it seems to have a function called g_date_strftime() available - BUT - AFAICT it only supports the date formatting parameters (and not those that deal with times). Is there any glib function (or a combination of functions) that’s more like the standard strftime() ?

There is the g_date_time_format() function.

Brilliant! I’ll give that a try - and many thanks.

A quick question… is there anywhere where I can find a list of the supported formatting parameters? (e.g. %H, %M, %S etc)

Unsurprisingly, you can find a list of all supported modifiers and their meaning in the API reference for g_date_time_format().

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