GitLab signup and privacy issues


I’m opening up this thread after I was asked to as I tried to do a bug report and wanted to provide information through IRC as I couldn’t otherwise.

In more details, since Gnome moved away from Bugzilla to GitLab, it’s impossible for a user to sign up without using an OAuth provider or go through Google’s reCAPTCHA if they don’t.

Here lies the issue, one might want to not use OAuth providers for many reasons (keeps sings independent, privacy if one doesn’t want to deal with these providers etc.). And one can also - that’s my case - refuse to go through Google’s reCAPTCHa, which ask from the user to consent to Google privacy policy and therefore consent to data collection. Doing it without user consent was also recently considered illegal by French’s Data Protection National Authority (CNIL), see (in French unfortunately, I didn’t find English sources as of now) : Cookies : le reCAPTCHA de Google soumis au consentement - Lexing Alain Bensoussan Avocats

The question here is, how can a user get access to this GitLab as it used to be possible with the old Bugzilla without having to go through Google’s reCAPTCHA nor use any third party OAuth?


PS : Also, note as a bonus that Gnome’s own Privacy Policy at still mention the Privacy shield that was declared invalid in 2020 in the Schrems II case, see EU–US Privacy Shield - Wikipedia especially notes 4 and 5.

PS2: Sorry I had to put the link to the privacy policy as a code, but it looks like I wasn’t allowed more than two links as a new user…


We can create you an account, if you’d like the e-mail associated with your Discourse account please let us know so we can proceed, thanks.

Yes you can use the same one (anyway I guess this can be changed later on if needs be), and thanks for offering, I’ll be able to file the bug report that way.

This won’t however address the issue for the general case if other people get to be in the same situation, excepted if they can ask for an account somewhere (might I even have missed it, if it’s already possible somewhere?)

Account created, you should receive a password reset mail soonish. If you’re uncomfortable using OpenID/ReCaptcha there’s currently no other place where you can request an account other than opening a discourse topic or poking us on IRC (Infrastructure/Contact - GNOME Wiki!).

Yep, created it; I was able to create my issue… not to edit the typo I did right after: it tries to have me solving a reCAPTCHA. I’ll retry later on to see if that’s some kind of throttling, in the hope I’ll be able to edit later…
This is pretty invasive, and I hope it won’t prevent me to answer on the issue later on.

That’s noted for the way it should be done as of now for account creation.

EDIT: Was able to edit now, looks like some kind of throttling I guess.