Get Gtk TreeModel value from Gtk IconView


In my program, I want to get a value from a Gtk TreeModel when the user’s mouse hovers over its corresponding item in a Gtk IconView. One of the values in the tree model is needed for creating a custom tooltip.

You haven’t specified which version of GTK you’re using, so I’ll just assume you’re using GTK3.

If you want to have a custom tooltip on an item in a GtkIconView, you will need to set the GtkWidget:has-tooltip property and connect to the GtkWidget::query-tooltip signal on your icon view. In every emission, you will have to call gtk_icon_view_get_path_at_pos() using the coordinates from the query-tooltip signal in order to retrieve a GtkTreePath. You can use the path to retrieve the corresponding iterator from the model, and then query the contents of the model just like you’d do in any other case.

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