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First of all I beg your pardon if this might be the wrong fora. In that case perhaps someone could point me in the right direction.

I’m experiencing an unexpected behavior with Gnome Maps. Despite having location services turned off in Gnome settings and using a VPN, Gnome Maps very accurately shows my real location most of the time I open the application. I connect my computer to the internet via my phones shared wifi (the phone also has location services turned off). I quickly reviewed the Gnome Maps website and the GeoClue gitlab and could at least not easily find an explanation to why this happens. To the contrary my intuition of this being an unexpected behavior was reinforced.

My somewhat unsatisfyingly broad question is why this happens and how I might fix the issue? Is it a bug in Maps, Settings or GeoClue or could it just be a distro specific implementation issue on Ubuntu’s part? I really don’t know, but perhaps someone here could help me or at least point me in the right direction.

OS: Ubuntu 20.10, Gnome session (3.38).

Kind regards from Sweden


It’s probably this change, assuming you are using gnome-maps from a package and not the flatpak (I don’t know how snap is expected to behave with regard to location services).

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Thanks, I think I found a solution to my issue in masking the geoclue.service.

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