Geary's privacy policy?

Hello! I’d like to know where can I find Geary’s privacy policy. I have searched on the GNOME Wiki and also on Gitlab but I can’t seem to find it. Thanks

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Geary devs should have a better answer.

But, should Geary have a privacy policy ? :slight_smile:

Does evolution have a privacy policy ?

Why yes it does, see

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Good question! We haven’t in the past, but it seems reasonable to have one.

I just put together a draft policy now:

Al feedback welcome!

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Sorry for the basic question.

Most open-source programs come with a clause in their About dialog:

"This program comes with absolutely no warranty."

E.g: Below is Geary About dialog:

Screenshot from 2020-09-15 22-57-16

Does “absolutely no warranty” cover “absolutely no warranty to guarantee your privacy” case as well ?

We obviously take privacy of users seriously. But, I just wanted to understand the technical jurisdiction of the clause.

Thanks !

The “no warranty” clause means that if the application eats all your data, or turns your car into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight, then you cannot sue the author of the code.

If you have legal questions, please: ask a lawyer. Don’t ask random people on a web forum for legal advice.

Okay. Thanks for clarifying.

I was planning to ask a couple of questions regarding GPL and GNOME. Do those questions also don’t qualify here.

Thanks !

Feel free to, but what Emmanuele was trying to say is that you shouldn’t rely on what random people say about what things like licences and warranties do and don’t cover - some people get it wrong, some people get it right but only for their country, and so on. Depending on the question, you might need to pay a lawyer in your own jurisdiction with experience in FOSS issues to get a solid answer. :slight_smile:


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