Geary triggers postfix fail2ban on Iredmail

I switched from bluemail to Geary and I really like it.
But it started to constantly trigger the fail2ban on my iredmail server.
I had to remove my IP once a day from the jail, after increasing the maxretry to 100 only once every 2-3 days.

I’m not skilled enough to debug the problem myself, I’m not even sure if the problem lies with Geary (although I haven’t experienced this with any other mail client). I found one other person who had the same problem. He opted to use a bash script which removed his IP as soon as it was added. I don’t really like this solution for multiple reasons.

Are there any solutions to this short of turning fail2ban off?
What are steps I could take to further debug this?

I think a Geary bug report would be helpful. I fear this is not likely to be noticed here.

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