Geary sidebar section grayed out (Gtk Tree View widget) (cosmetic)

Bug Summary

Geary sidebar catagories grayed out, but are active. Hovering over them gets rid of the grayness. Seems like an issue with themes. Made a bug report but was told to leave it here instead.

Your installation

Geary version: 3.38.2
Geary revision: Ubuntu/3.38.2-1
GTK version: 3.24.25
GLib version: 2.68.0
WebKitGTK version: 2.32.0
Desktop environment: ubuntu:GNOME
Distribution name: Ubuntu
Distribution release: 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo)
Installation prefix: /usr

Steps to reproduce

  1. Launch Geary
  2. Buttons on the left are grayed out, but work as expected.

What happened?

Buttons are grayed out upon application launch, but are remedied by hovering over them.

What did you expect to happen?

Show the side category without the “grayed-outedness”.

Hi, so does this happen when using Adwaita as the theme?

Hi, yes, as well as Yaru. Due to theme differences, the effect is more noticable when Yaru is applied.

@mjog Using Fedora 34 with Geary 40 as my primary OS instead of Ubuntu. The issue has seemed to disappear! I guess we will wait until Ubuntu packages the new version.

P.S. Massive thanks for applying to be the maintainer of Geary in 2016. Definitely the best mail client I have ever used. Fast, stable, and excellent compatibility with cooperate Office 365 email accounts.

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