Gdk3 - Unmanaged Drag and Drop - why I'm not receiving GDK_DROP_FINISHED?

I apologize for requesting this kind of help, but I’ve scratched my head of a long time.

I’m working on JavaFx DND (link to source file) - I’m a community developer. I’m trying to fix some DND issues.

It’s using unmanaged GDK/DND on X - version 3.24.20.

The problem I’m facing is that I’m not receiving the GDK_DROP_FINISHED event.

I do receive this when running with GDK_DEBUG=dnd

            g_message ("XdndFinished: dest_window: %#x", dest_window));

My guess is that the GDK event is getting lost somewhere.

It has a global gdk_event_handler_set(process_events, NULL, NULL);.

Any guess why I do not receive GDK_DROP_FINISHED?

I find out that gtk_main_iteration was swallowing the event.

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