Full screen app screen dimensions

Hi, I’m using gtkmm4, my app uses full screen, I had noticed that some assets are misplaced, so I added a print of the screen dimensions on every call to ApplicationWindow::snapshot_vfunc().
I found that right after application start the dimensions are 1923 X 1086.
And after I change the windows order (alt+tab twice), the screen dimensions are 1920X1080.
Why does this happen and how can I maintain fixed dimensions?

You will need to provide more information:

  • which platform are you using?
  • if Linux, which windowing system: X11 or Wayland?
  • if Linux, which window manager are you using?

Additionally, what do you mean with “fullscreen”? Are you maximizing the window with gtk_window_maximize or are you asking the windowing system to full screen the contents of your window with gtk_window_fullscreen?

The size of the window is given to GTK by the windowing system; GTK has very little to do with it. But that extra padding might be the client-side shadow; how are you retrieving the window size?

I’m running on Ubuntu20.04
Fullscreen means calling fullscreen_on_monitor()
The window size is retrieved from the snapshot in ApplicationWindow::snapshot_vfunc().

You haven’t answered as to what kind of windowing system you’re using: X11 or Wayland?

Sure, but how? What kind of API are you calling to get the size?

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