Freezing a custom property

The documentation for GObject.Object.freeze_notify says:

This method freezes all the “notify::” signals (which are emitted when any property is changed) until the thaw_notify() method is called.

When I run this program:

import gi
gi.require_version('GObject', '2.0')
from gi.repository import GObject

class Freezer(GObject.Object):
    prop = GObject.Property(type=str)

def on_changed(obj, paramspec):
    print('In on_changed, new value =', obj.get_property(

freezer = Freezer()
print('properties =', [ for p in freezer.list_properties()])

freezer.connect('notify::prop', on_changed)

with freezer.freeze_notify():
    freezer.set_property('prop', 'new value')

print('after setting, prop =', freezer.get_property('prop'))

the handler gets called despite the freeze_notify. Am I doing something wrong, or did the documentation fail to mention that freeze_notify does not work with custom properties?

The handler will be called when the with block terminates, as it will call thaw_notify().

A freeze_notify()/thaw_notify() pair is meant to be used to set multiple properties at the same time, and delay the notification step; additionally, it is used to coalesce multiple notifications on the same property.


Ah. Now I get it. That is why it is called “freezing” and not “stopping”. Thanks again.

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