Flathub team for GNOME apps

Following Team for GNOME core apps · Issue #3356 · flathub/flathub · GitHub there is interest to have a group at Flathub for trusted members of the community to verify the integrity (review and merge) of PRs updating GNOME core apps at Flathub.

Only a handful of apps in core are handled by their developers at their flathub level and we have had a recurrent situation in the last few cycles where all the other apps had their PRs updated to their latest version and runtime either made or reviewed by a single developer (Thanks @bilelmoussaoui !!) a team of people who are also able to make those reviews would be of great help.

The purpose of this thread is to, first, for people to manifest their interest in being part of this team, and second, to discuss what counts as “trusted members of the community” should this be restricted to the release team, foundation members? etc, and finally to discuss if this is a good idea.


As one recurrent contributor of both Flathub and GNOME I am interested in being part of this team.

I think this is a good plan; I update the manifest of Devhelp and GNOME Dictionary on Flathub whenever I make a release, and I’m happy to give a hand.

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