First time user feedback

I really like the minimize toolbar extension. but I forget how I installed it. i don’t see it in the extension area.
it would be sweet if there was a open dash overview button on it.
(also nice but perhaps picky of me: as well as a minimize all &/or minimize current window button. )

In software I can’t find Pinta for picture editing without knowing what its called. many keywords should bring it up.

I’m having trouble putting icons on desktop. many years ago I remember Baby Wogue on youtube once showed a way to do that that was amazing. whatever happened to that.

also when saving to .jpg why do I have to write te ,jpg at the end. i was not able to upload this image unless i added .jpg

You can install extensions through

I don’t know how Software searches. You should maybe make a separate topic about that. If I search for “image editing” on the Flathub website Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux I get 174 results, from command line with flatpak search image editing 112 results. I find Pinta with both searches. But searching for the same with Software (my Software only has flatpaks) I only get 3 result?

For desktop icons you’d have to install an extension.

nice i found it, it was windows list.
having a description beneat the extension helped.

Display a window list at the bottom of the screen.

The software search is more a fedora question in my case.

I did install the extension for desktop icons but I can’t figure it out.

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