File selector - webp format support

At first I had posted this in the cinnamon project but they said it was a GTK issue, so I’m copy-pasting what I posted there with minor changes.

IDK the name of the application shown in the screenshots, that’s why I haven’t included it in this post here.

File selector dialog doesn’t display a thumbnail preview for WEBP images

Steps to reproduce
Go to any website that can receive images, such as imgur. Click “browse…” and navigate to a directory with a webp image in it. Click just once on the webp image - no thumbnail will be displayed to the right.

For comparison, navigate to a directory with a png image in it and click that image once - a preview of the png image will be displayed to the right.

See the screenshots gallery for better understanding what I’m talking about:

Expected behaviour
A thumbnail preview should be displayed for webp images.

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You can file the issue in GTK issues.

GTK does not handle the preview inside the file selection dialog: it’s all up to the application to do that.

Additionally, generating thumbnails for WEBP files is deferred to external tools.

It’s likely “just” missing a WebP loader. Fortunately, one exists see:

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