File Indexing and BTRFS

I am currently using Manjaro, KDE, EXT4. Currently considering converting to Gnome.
I tried BTRFS (especially for /home) but Baloo keeps reindexing all files with each and every snapshot, thus makes the system unusable. It is a bug filed with Baloo. (after 2 snapshots searching for a unique file gives 3 results pointing to the same file)

I wonder if Gnome + BTRFS uses something other than Baloo for file content indexing and file content search that does not have this bug?

Does it have the same issue of keeping reindexing thousands of files with every snapshot? Multiple results for the same file when search? Ever growing index?

If such bugs are not present in Gnome I will surely convert to Gnome + BTRFS.
Thank you.

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