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55,161 purple pixels, of 91,200 total — About 60% purple

99,965 purple pixels, of 178,374 total — About 56% purple, but twice as many pixels overall, and we haven’t considered the 30,384 red pixels which takes us to 73% ‘wasted’.

But really, these comparisons are just silly ‘or whatever’

Hint: A users opinion is everything but silly or whatever. Maybe - just a thought - you are wrong, and users complaining about your decisions are right?

My decisions? I have nothing to do with meld — I’m just a casual user

Personally I do find the headerbar controls a tad unexpected, at the very least some meld-specific (vs generic arrow) icons could be useful — @tbernard ?

Yes “Your”, the Gnome Developers decisions

But Icons are an issue too. I would prefer a traditional disc symbol instead of that downarrow + bar… thats not very intuitive…

to tell the truth, without a non intended hint by Kai Willadsen in this thread, I would not have recognized this buttons as save buttons…
Also if a file is altered the change of that button icon is not bold enougth to be recognized in first place…

GNOME is not a company
I do not work for GNOME
I do not work on Meld
I do not work on the design guidelines
There are no ‘Gnome Developers’

I am a private individual who, like yourself, so happens to use Meld from time to time

if you are not connected with the Gnome team and the development of gnome or gtk based programs which happen to derive Gnome stuff, why you then talk like “we haven’t considered” - if you are just a user like me, its not we, its them.

Fact is Gnome seems to do strange design decisions and because of missing alternatives in some areas users like me get in conflict with these decisions, because I do not appreciate the way they interfere with how I want to use my computer. Again: if there would be a better alternative, I would switch in no time. But as long there is none, the best users like me can do is to raise the voice and beg for a better UI or at least some configuration options for the ones which do not think that the gnome teams design decisions are brilliant. And meld is a good example, that they are not.

I don’t remember making such a claim?

As it so happens I do contribute to some GNOME modules, and indeed as a semi-regular contributor have GNOME Foundation membership, but that hardly links me to everything indirectly related to GNOME projects.

You may have a DVD player. It likely contains ‘GNOME tech’ — Doesn’t mean I have a clue how to fix it.

Here ‘we’ referees to you and I, the group discussing the so-called wasting of pixels.

I don’t see that being a contributor would be mutually exclusive with being a user, indeed I’d hope they coincide, but in danger of becoming a broken record: I am not a Meld contributor, and had no part in its new interface.

Why make it confrontational? Even if I were a contributor, and you a ‘simple user’, we’d still be linked in a wider Meld-community.

I’d note the design team doesn’t seem to have been involved in Meld’s update, and likely would have some notes for @kaiw if asked — But as the maintainer Kai doesn’t have to ask them for advice, indeed they also don’t have to offer any, and especially when Meld is more ‘GNOME-adjacent’ (i.e. not part of the core project, etc) they would be under no obligation to heed any advice.

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