Feature request: sort extension

Guessing this was already requested
But just thought something simple would go a long way. Let us create like 5 groups and to the right of each extension you can send it to the group you want.
At the extensions page top you can click on the name of a group and it will automatically scroll you down to it.
Having a back to top button would be nice too

Image shows buttons at right. One is clicked and let’s you pick a different group.
Arrow on buttons indicate that there are options that will appear if clicked.

Do you mean grouping installed extensions or grouping all extensions? And is this about the extensions website or for the Extensions app?

I assume you have a lot of extensions installed, need to scroll to seem them all, and that’s why you suggest this? Personally I would rather have categories assigned to extensions on the website. And then maybe the category could also be selected for sorting installed extensions.

This seems like something the third-party Extension Manager app could handle quite nicely, maybe suggest it there?

Ya I meant installed. I have to scroll a lot. Some I just have turned off meaning to test them at later date.
Organizing the extensions website would be good too. But I don’t necessarily think the website categories need to extend over to the app. Since I don’t see needing more then like 5 groups to sort the amount of extensions most users have installed. So this suggestion would be a good starting point.

That’s weird I thought the extension manager was the default. As I think it was preloaded, or maybe I installed it somehow. This suggestion was intended for it.

GNOME has a built-in app called «Extensions», but Extension Manager allows you to install extensions as well.

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