Feature request: Presets for display settings?

I have three monitors. But of course, I don’t need three monitors on all the time. Changing monitor configuration using the “Displays” Settings’ page is tedious, because I have to change things one by one and it asks for confirmation. Also, when disabling/enabling a monitor, it seems that the monitor’s position (arrangement) is reset.

I have learnt that I could use Python script, but this is not easy probably for most users.

How about adding a function to save current monitor configurations (on/off states, arrangement, resolution, and scaling) as a preset, and provide some command-line utility that can apply the preset name? For example, if I have two presets: “movie” and “programming”, and I could simply run gnome-monitors -preset movie to use only a single monitor, and gnome-monitors -preset programming to use all three monitors?

PS: Also, changing display settings with Super+P also resets the monitor arrangement, and therefore unusable for me. Maybe the Super+P list could show aforementioned user presets instead.

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