Feature request: GlobalShortcuts portal

Howdie, thanks so much for sharing your work here

I noticed that there has been work done on specifying a portal for GlobalShortcuts: Portal Documentation

This would be useful for communications apps that have push-to-talk functionality, as well as various other use cases

Do you know if this is likely to be on the roadmap? Or is it considered out-of-scope or otherwise not part of your project goals/vision?

Note that KDE does seem to advertise support for this portal: data/kde.portal · master · Plasma / KDE Portal for XDG Desktop · GitLab

To clarify: I’m grateful for the work shared here, and am curious about whether this work is already planned or if you’d accept a PR that implements this, I do not expect a timeline or ETA

This might also be possible solution for: Register system wde shortkey

Hello, there is already an issue open to track this: Implement global shortcuts (#47) · Issues · GNOME / xdg-desktop-portal-gnome · GitLab

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Thanks @jfrancis

I was bounced from the issue tracker to here, and now back to the issue tracker, haha

I did search for “GlobalShortcuts” but not " Global Shortcuts"

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