Feature Request: Enable two finger side scrolling the move between parent and current folder

In all web browsers, yes also Epiphany, you can use two-finger side scrolling on the touch-pad to go backward and forward in the page.

I suggest doing a similar thing in nautilus: scroll right to go to the parent folder, scroll left to enter the previous child folder.
This should be fairly easy given that the keyboard shortcuts alt+up/down already implement this.

I believe it could be nice to also implement it with touchscreens.

this would be inconsistent with web browsers: for example, if you navigate to /folder/sub/, then to /folder/, to get back to the subfolder you would swipe right in a browser, but left in files with this feature
maybe up/down instead?

Well two finger up down is already the simple scrool😅

Beside my proposal is to integrate the same navigation features used in the browser

What browsers do is history navigation, not directory traversal. Swipe right to go back in history and swipe left to go forward.

If nautilus is to be consistent with browsers, it will need to implement “history navigation” with horizontal two-finger swipe gestures.


When viewing folders as a list, it’s possible to make some columns wider, which results in horizontal scrolling being possible.

I’m not sure how the proposed gesture would interact with the need for horizontal scrolling

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