Feature Request: Column view

Would be there be anyone else who would appreciate a column view for Nautilus?

I tried switching to Elementary Files purely for the column view, but I found it unstable so I uninstalled it. Whenever I’m forced to use MacOS, I always use column view in Finder.

I like being able to visualize the hierarchy of my folders, and jump up two or three levels in one click.

Quick terminology note: this kind of layout is called Miller columns. “Column view” is a GTK widget.

Maybe you can clarify what the problem is. For example, you can use the pathbar to jump up the folder hierarchy and navigate to another folder if you want.

Also, is this view useful for you for files?

There is an issue from 5 years ago about this: Implementing Miller Column Layout (like MacOS Finder) for Efficient Browsing (#27) · Issues · GNOME / Files · GitLab. FYI as background about what has been discussed before about Millers columns. And please don’t resurrect that issue. Nautilus issues are for bugs :slight_smile: As mentioned there the place to discuss design changes is here (or design matrix or whiteboards).

Your screenshot looks like Pantheon Files (from elementary OS), for anybody wondering.

The list and grid views have just been rewritten for GTK 4. They need a lot of maintenance, the expandable folders in list mode are still unfinished, and the grid design is likely to change. We have our hands full with just 2 view modes already. Miller columns are a very interesting alternative to the conventional list/grid views, which would require very different logic and design, so it’s a lot more complex than just adding a 3rd view mode. It doesn’t look feasible and maintainable for us in the foreseeable future.

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