Failing test while updating to GTK 4.10.3

Hi GNOME and GTK folks,

I’m working on updating the GTK package in GNU Guix from our current 4.8.1. to 4.10.3. Having not seen anything in our package that looks version specific, I changed the version and added the python-packaging build dependency. So far, so good as everything seems to build. Unfortunately, there are three new failing tests

Summary of Failures:

210/731 gtk:gtk+failing / accessor-apis                                                             ERROR           0.09s   exit status 1
563/731 gtk:reftest+failing / reftest border-half-pixel.ui                                          FAIL            0.12s   0/1 subtests passed
709/731 gtk:reftest+failing / reftest sizegroups-evolution-identity-page.ui                         FAIL            0.28s   0/1 subtests passed

Ok:                 727 
Expected Fail:      0   
Fail:               3   
Unexpected Pass:    0   
Skipped:            1   
Timeout:            0 

Are these known to fail in the new version? Are there other changes to the build environment that I should have made?

Alternatively, what should I do to find out more information about the failing tests?


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