Evolution does not save changes in account settings (IMAP Port)

Hi everyone i’m having a problem with one of my mail accounts. I already wanted to raise that problem on the gitlab site, but i was told to post it here so here we go.

I’m having a weird problem, that maybe a fault on my side but i am not sure. I recently did get a problem with a email account of mine, with messages that evolution can not connect to it anymore.

After some search i found that my problem was, that the IMAP port was set false, although it the service did not change it. But when i try to change the port it just will not get saved. Even when i deactivated the account and re-entered it, the settings will no get saved. It always reverts to 143 but i need 993.

I’m a bit puzzled and would be glad to get some advice, especially if this is caused by a handling error of mine, because i like evolution quite a lot. Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s almost certainly a bug, so it should be reported on GitLab after all. :wink: Report it here.

Yes thanks i did reopen that issue and someone is looking at it now :slight_smile:

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