Every Detail Matters for settings next week (10-14 June)

Next week we’ll be running a little Every Detail Matters initiative for the Settings application. We are drawing up a list of issues, and we’re going to spend the week trying to get as many of them fixed as possible.

It would be really fantastic if anyone wants to help out with this initiative, whether it’s by triaging issues, testing or submitting and reviewing MRs.

To participate, just subscribe to the issue and get working on the list. We’ll be using #control-center and #gnome-design to chat.



In time: there will be a coordination session this Monday, June the 10th, 4PM UTC. Tentatively at #gnome-design at irc.gnome.org, but should the situation ask, we can do a higher bandwidth video call.

Unfortunately I’m busy 1530-1630 UTC…

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