Error with Site blocking on 24 hour rule but been on for 3 days

I have been on site from 22 Dec but i keep getting blocked from replying saying i have only been on 24 hours.
Community memeber are trying to help and i am unable to reply!
I am not spamming i only have 1 issue open but this is really frustrating to get an issue solved whne people are expecting replies and i am blocked ?

Are you referring to Discourse or GitLab?

Merry Xmas
It’s Discorse I believe

You are not blocked on Discourse, but you are a new user, and to avoid spam bots, you have limits on the amount of topics you can open and replies you can make.

You have been making a lot of replies, but with Discourse you can edit your own posts; you also don’t have to reply immediately: you can collect all the necessary information and then reply.

In order to raise your trust level, and have some of the limits lifted, you should also read other topics.

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