Error: Could not send search request

Hey there! I am having an issue where I cannot search for files whenever an app on my system opens a file browser dialog:


Any idea what I could do to start troubleshooting/fixing this?

The interesting part is that it gets through like the first half-second of searching usually, before throwing the error and then just stopping. I’m not sure what to make of it.


With what application does it happen ? What OS/distribution are you using (and its version) ? I suspect you’re using an old software, since the errors mentions Tracker 1 which is very old (we’re at tracker 3 nowadays)

I’m on Pop!_OS ( Ubuntu ) 20.04, and it seems to happen with almost any application that opens a nautilus file dialog: Libre Office, Firefox, and Electron applications, at elast. It doesn’t happen for applications that provide their own file dialog ( Gimp, Krita ) , or my Inkscape Flatpak. The Inkscape flatpak file dialog doesn’t do recursive search, though, it only searches in the current directory, not sure if that has something to do with it.

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