Ensure windows reappear on their workspaces on restart

when you restart an app (e.g chromium via chrome://restart) it will reopen all windows on a single workspace regardless where the windows have been before. Is there any way for a app to have the windows reappear where they have been seen last?
I saw the thread about Open every app/window on a new worspace and wonder if such a behaviour would need to be implemented as an extension too or if apps would need to set some hints when reopening the windows.

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We currently don’t save window state (position, workspace) anywhere. Additionally, with dynamic workspaces it can get tricky to do so—what if the application was on workspace 7 and in the meantime workspace 5 and 6 also were removed?

Applications should not ever know about workspaces at all; this kind of state is better tracked by the window manager, because only the WM has a model of how the windows are stacked and positioned.

It should be possible to write an extension that tracks an application’s window and stores the latest workspace they are on, and then proceeds to restore the data when the application is launched again.


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