Engagement meeting call (May 2019)

Hi all,

Wednesday (May 22nd) at 20:00 UTC we will have our next engagement meeting call.
Please feel free to add the topic(s) you would like to discuss about or give updates.

Etherpad link: https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/engagement-team-meetings

Join us here: https://www.uberconference.com/gnome-engagement

See you then,



  • Kristi
  • Molly De Blanc
  • Sri
  • Oliver
  • Sigu
  • Alex
  • Grace


The GStreamer Spring 2019 Hackfest (oliverp)

The organizing team will send us pictures from the Hackfest and also blogposts for more information on what happened during the hackfest.

Social media items
Hans Godes - The Wayland Itches project (oliverp)


  • Oliver like to spread the message of his blog to the community.
  • Maybe we can have a social media meeting to handle requests like this.

Pitivi / GStreamer Editing Services looking for a technical writer as part of Season of Docs (aleb)

  • End of June is the deadline for technical writers to submit a proposal, until now not many people have applied.
  • Sri offered his help to spread the word and to help out.

Pitivi 1.0, a major milestone of the project, to be released this week (aleb)

Sigu and Grace introducing themselves, wants to contribute to documentation efforts.


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