Enable copying the character info on the Character Map lower left corner

Please enable copy of the character’s info.

Character Map is in deep maintenance mode; if you want to add a feature to it, you’ll have to provide the implementation.

The Characters application has a “copy character to clipboard” button:

You can’t be serious. :slight_smile:

Implimentation? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, neither of them facilitate the copying the UTF code. What is needed in text format

I am plenty serious: the gucharmap project is in deep maintenance mode:

I don’t understand what you need, then. What’s the “UTF code”? What are you trying to achieve?

I want to select and copy with the mouse the Unicode/UTF code of the character displayed in your example of the capital A “U+0041”, not the character itself. The code is then inserted in HTML format in Wikisource and Wikipedia articles I am editing. The copy feature of both apps is disabled over this Unicode display. It’s up to the developer to enable this functionality.

Currently I am using BabelMap.exe in Linux/Wine to give me this function and want to get away from Windows apps in Linux, but damned they are very good.

The other app Characters ebassi mentioned appears to let you select and copy the Unicode code (is that right?) you are trying to get. So maybe you can try that one?

Yes. Thank you. It works. Case closed. :slight_smile:

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