Drawing of focus indicator

Some GTK widgets do not draw their focus indicator when the window is initially opened. I have noticed this on combo boxes and tree views. On the other hand an entry widget always draw it. See the gtk3-demo combo example:


It isn’t possible for a user whose work is data entry to know where the initial focus is. The focus is draw after the first keyboard triggered focus traversal is requested (Tab) but only for the current window, a new window or a new instance of the same window has the same problem of not drawing the initial focus indicator.

This is probably fine for touch based interaction, but a hindrance for data entry applications on desktop platforms.

There are various options to enhance this:

  1. Always draw them on no touch/desktop platforms.
  2. Draw them if a hardware keyboard is present.
  3. Draw them for all windows after the first keyboard triggered focus traversal, not the current status that it is drawn only for the current window, and subsequent windows need to press Tab again.

Should this be changed or is there a bigger reason why it is this way?

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