Drag to tab not working?

After updating to Files 43 i noticed that i can’t drag files to another tab to initiate copy/move anymore.
You can still hover with the file over another tab, wait until it switches over and then drop the file but the previous methods was a lot quicker.

This worked in 42 and i was wondering if its a bug or just missing right now because of the gtk4 rewrite.

Yes this change is a result of the GTK4/libadwaita port. See Corey’s explanation here: Drag and drop: Tabs are no longer drop targets (#2495) · Issues · GNOME / Files · GitLab

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Thanks for the info, weird that i missed this one when i searched gitlab.

Its a bummer tho that it seems this wont be “fixed”…

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It may have helped me find it on GitLab because I knew for sure I had read the issue earlier :slight_smile:

I used dragging onto tabs frequently but I understand the developers wanting the keep the code maintainable. I otherwise really like the new tab bar! Especially that it can be scrolled with the mouse wheel. I often end up with more tabs than fit on the bar and scrolling through them is much nicer now.

Yeah i really do like the new more responsive design but i will miss this.

Hope this may be integrated again in the future, libadwaita is still a relatively “new” thing.

I am tempted to add support back for tab drop targets.


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