Distro input needed: how are you installing+updating the OS and apps in the next 1-3 years?

Hello! This is a call for input from people who are involved in the decision making for distros.

As part of some of the planning for what to do with gnome-software in the future, it would be useful to know how different distros plan to support OS and app installation and updates in the next 1-3 years. For example, are distros looking to move towards using flatpak for apps and OSTree for the base OS? Or are they definitely sticking with (say) .deb packages for everything?

I’ve put together my understanding of things so far on this gnome-software issue. Please comment there by 2020-10-15 and correct me where I’m wrong, or expand on things. Perhaps your distro is weighing up several options and hasn’t yet made a decision? The more info the better.

Please don’t reply there if you are not involved in decision making for your distro. I don’t want the issue to become noisy.

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