Displaying wireless headphone battery information

I have just received LG HBS-FN4 wireless earbuds and first I’d like to say they work great on Fedora Linux. I’m very happy that it was easy to pair them and set them up in Gnome 42. Gnome has a nice feature where the battery percentage of connected devices shows up in Settings > Power. So far I have not been able to get this device to show up there so I’ve been googling to figure out what’s going on.

So far I’ve discovered that the Settings app only displays power information for devices that show up in upower -d. My earbuds don’t show up in that command so I think that’s why I don’t see them in Settings.

What should I do next to keep investigating this issue? Is it an issue with upower or could it be that the linux kernel is not returning power statistics?

If this is not the right place for this question I’d appreciated it if you directed me to where I should ask. Thanks.

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