Different desktop path for each workspace

Dear all,
for a device that I am working on, I need to distribute many files into various gnome workspaces (not repeated in all workspaces). I searched but I could not find any solution on the web.
I thought of a way myself; if one could define a different desktop path for each workspace, it would be possible. Does anyone have any idea how to implement such an idea?
Or if you have any other solution to distribute the files into different workspaces, I would appreciate it.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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I’m having trouble understanding what you want to achieve. Are you asking for different backgrounds for each workspace? Or are you using a “show Desktop contents” extension and you want to show different files?

The “Desktop” directory is part of the XDG/freedesktop.org standard user directories, and it’s kind of hard coded. You cannot have multiple Desktop directories per user.

Having a different background image for each workspace can be done with an extension, for instance Walkpaper.

Hi, thanks for your response.
No, the background is not my question. I have several desktop app launchers and distribute them between gnome workspaces, like what we have on android/ios devices that you can have apps on multiple pages/home screen.
For example, I have launcher for Youtube on one workspace, and a netflix app launcher on another.

No, that cannot be done. As I said: the “desktop” is actually just the contents of one single directory, $HOME/Desktop (unless you modify the xdg-user-dirs to change its name), and there can only be one of those.

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