Different behavior of search for Apps and Settings/Files

This is more of a question than a suggestion or request.

If we go the search(Activities) and then search “sound” then the Sound Recorder App is displayed on the top with a big icon, but the Sound settings is displayed with a small icon horizontally. Why is the behavior of sound settings not the same as the Sound Recorder App. I have attached the screen shot for reference.

Would it be more consistent if both the App and the Sound Settings were shown with icons? At least for me I would feel so. Because many times I want to open sound settings so I type “sound” and press enter and the Sound Recorder app is opened. If there is Settings with the big icon also displayed then it will be more visual feedback. Please let me know your thoughts on this.

Thank you.

The top row is the app row. It shows matching apps from your app grid. The individual Settings panels are not in your app grid so aren’t shown in the app row. Instead, Settings has a search provider and like other search providers shows its search results grouped below the app row, and with more detail than is possible on the app row (the description for each panel).

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