Desktop microconference at Linux Plumbers Conference

Linux Plumbers is right after GUADEC.

I would like to organize a desktop microconference. I had talked about this last year, but I didn’t get too much interest. But this time, I’m going to try again.

Here is the thing - we need to start talking about what we are doing and what problems we are having to a wider technical audience. The kernel guys are the closest partners we have in regards to our platform. The kernel has been dominated by cloud and containers and it’ll be nice to change the conversations that has been mostly been driven by corporate interests and turn it more towards our shared community.

So think of this as marketing and attract contributions or joint ventures that we might not have thought of before.

We have two months to figure it out. I’m happy to liaison this with the LPC committee (I was in the committee for the first two LPCs in Portland) Feedback desired and welcome!

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