Desktop icons in gnome 44

After upgrading from Fedora workstation 37 to 38 using gnome 44 the extension I used to have desktop icons no longer works.
Can someone suggest a way to display these?
Or am I missing something here.
Thanks in advance, Bob.

There are several such extensions. Not all of them have been migrated yet to support GNOME 44. A migration guide is available for extension developers: Port Extensions to GNOME Shell 44 | GNOME JavaScript

For right now you could switch to another such extension, one that already supports GNOME 44, like: Libadwaita, Gtk4 Desktop Icons NG with GSconnect Integration, Drag and Drop onto Dock (Gtk4-DING) - GNOME Shell Extensions

There’s also a working RPM package in the repo:
Overview - rpms/desktopfolder -

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