Delete Gtk's locale dir

Hi. I was wondering if it would be okay to delete the locale dir, that’s located inside the share dir. From what I see, it has multiple sub directories, for a myriad of different languages .

So I wondered if I could delete all of them and located itself. Or perhaps there is need to keep one of them for the native language?

What version of GTK, installed how on what kind of system? Where exactly is the directory located? And the inevitable question: Why do you feel you need/want to delete stuff that it has presumably preinstalled for a reason?

I was thinking first at Gtk 2.24.20. However I have two, 3.4.0 and 2.24.20.
On Linux.
The first is located at: /media/34GB/Arquivos-de-programas/Gtk±3.4.0/share.
The second is at: /media/34GB/Arquivos-de-programas/Gtk+2.24.20/share.

For the most noble reason of all: To save disk space. I will probably also delete the gtk-doc dirs, though I intend to keep them in my compressed gtk’s backup dirs.

It should be fine. However, if you are using a package manager for the files in those directories, there may be a better way. Some distros have documentation and translations in separate packages. You could uninstall those specific packages instead.

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