Delay when presenting "EndSessionDialog" after pressing Logout

Using Fedora Silverblue 32, Gnome 3.36

I am not sure when the issue started, but there is a 30 second delay between when I select “Logout” from the Gnome “Power off / Log out” menu, and when “EndSessionDialog” menu appears.

I think the issue started a few months back when i was messing with lots of extensions, but this assumption may be inaccurate. Any tips on a possible fix is appreciated.

The following link includes some output from $ dbus-monitor. I tried to ensure nothing else was running.

Just wanted to add that the exact same 30 second delay occurs with $ gnome-session-quit --logout. Also, the system will logout immediately with $ gnome-session-quit --logout --force.

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Did you try creating a new user and see the same behavior ?


Yes, I have just confirmed I get the same issue with an additional user

Open a new 'gnome-shell' issue at


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