Deffrince between GTK3 releases

hey there

I know now whats the diffrence between GTK3 and GTK4, but I didnt get any thing about releases as 3.24.5 and 3.24.8

is there a changes between them or just bugfixes

Hey @wusaby-rush!

Most libraries and apps provide a NEWS file in the top directory of their code repository containing a list of the changes. This is no different for GTK, for which you can find the NEWS file here.

In general, libraries also don’t introduce new features in micro version bumps (version increments in the 3rd number, so X.X.X+1). From what I can see from the aforementioned NEWS file, the most noticeable change is the change of the default theme, Adwaita (you can find more info in this GTK blog post)/


thank you a lot :heart:

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