Debuging input events in GTK3

Hello everyone. I’m trying to create an app menu that mimics Windows 8 start menu and currently struggling with handling right mouse click on a button. I have a layout like this

MyCustomWidget (InhulContainerSqGroupItem, subclass of GtkContainer)
| - GtkButton
| | - GtkBox
| | | - GtkImage (for icon)
| | | - GtkLabel (for name of the app)

I would like to receive ButtonRelease event on either my custom widget or GtkButton (with some kind of callback). In case I subscribe on button-release signal from gtk buttom I will always get GDK_DELETED event.type.
I’ve also tried to use event window for my custom control (in the same way as GtkButton does), but button in on top and takes all events so I cannot receive it in my custom control (GtkButton takes almost all space in my widget).
Any hints on how I can debug this issue? Here is the function that creates such item for my panel (InhulStartScreen/inhul_sq_container_group_item.c at 0ade3fe170a2f6389dee3c622e351fd3e6a2fd34 · FlaviusHouk/InhulStartScreen · GitHub). inhul_sq_container_group_item_on_button_release always receive type: 0; button: 32765;

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