Dazzle Dock - Toggle pinned mode

Hello there,

I hope this is the right category since it isn’t really related to GTK directly, but rather to libdazzle - however, I couldn’t find a better category for this kind of questions.

I’m trying to achieve a layout like this:


As you can see, on the first click (on a button in the sidebar in this case), the sidebar should open and it should be an overlay above the content - if the user presses the button a second time, it should switch to a pinned layout (next to the content).

After reading through the libdazzle example app and using the Gtk Inspector, I noticed that the children have a “pinned” style class - how can I modify this property and change it dynamically later? (I saw that the DockBinChild class seems to have this property, but I can’t access it afaik).

There is a "panel.pinned" action that allows boolean state. tests/test-panel.c also shows some examples using the action from a toggle button within the panel.

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Ah, thank you very much - that’s exactly what I wanted :slight_smile:

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