Customizing widget appearance

In some cases, i would like to reduce the Gtk.Scale’s thumb size (indicator??) or the top and bottom padding in the ComboBoxText and so on. How do you do that?

In Gtk3 and Gtk4 with CSS, Cascading Style Sheets as used for HTML. I gave an example for coloring a button that way in GTK4 for Graphical User Interfaces, for other widget properties it works similar, and you may find examples at least for C and Python. To get the property names, you may use the gtk-inspector tool, see Projects/GTK/Inspector - GNOME Wiki!. You can use CSS for your own tools, or tune the whole Gtk desktop by putting CSS files in the right config directory. But CSS tuning can be difficult for some properties, for some I tried it for some hours and gave up, and for others I succeed, but later forgot how it was done :slight_smile:

If i do this, it works:

		.slider slider{
			min-width: 50px;
			min-height: 50px;  

But if i do this, it doesn’t work:

		.slider slider{
			min-width: 5px;
			min-height: 5px;  

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