Creating Help with Glade

I’m using Glade to create help for an application. I have used a’ GtkDialog’ with a ‘GtkNotebook’. Originally the notebook had 5 tabs and a page to go with each. I am trying to add another tab and page pair. I can add a tab with ‘GtkLabel (tabchild)’, but if I try to add a page with ‘GtkLabel’ to go with it, the desktop hangs. I’ve got used to Glade bombing out, but that is a real pain. Should I report a bug? Maybe I am using the wrong sort of widgets for a notebook. Perhaps I shouldn’t even be using a GtkDialog or a GtkNotebook. A ‘GtkMessageDialog’ has a built-in Close button, but no way to add a notebook. Suggestions?

Glade 3.38.1 on Ubuntu Budgie 20.10

My suggestion would be to use the standard help system rather than creating your own.

But maybe you’ve ruled that out for some reason?

I haven’t ruled it out - because I didn’t know about it :grinning: there isn’t a widget for it.
Great idea, I’m all for using standard things, why re-invent the wheel? Can you give me a pointer to where to find it?

Maybe you mean GtkAssistant. That’s not really what I want, but I’ve had it with GtkNotebooks so I’ll go with that.

No I mean Yelp and Mallard.

I’ll post some links and info for you in a few.

On mobile right now.

Those links are a decent start. Your best bet is to look at other Gtk applications which use Yelp, any GNOME application and a large part of third party applications use it so examples are easy to come by. If you find one that’s close to what you need, and the license allows it, you can just copy and modify it.

You can preview your changes as you go by pointing yelp at the directory you’re working in which is really nice, instant feedback.

Really not much reason not to use it aside from not wanting the dependency but you probably wouldn’t be on this site if that was an issue. :wink:

Thanks! I’ll have a look. I haven’t found it easy to find what I want on Gnome Developer and hadn’t seen that page.

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