Creating an introspectable API

Hi, I need some advise related to creating an API.

Would you recommend for GObject-Introspection, structs or boxed types on structs?

I have some code and I really love recent changes :slight_smile:

Here is an example using structs:

Basically I do:

typedef struct _AgsFxDssiAudioScopeData AgsFxDssiAudioScopeData;

Would you make this boxed?

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On IRC we talked about if you need a type, you need to create a boxed struct. Else it would be just a black-box.

For reference, there is also and the links in that section, in particular

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I was mainly using this for reference:

thank you!

Hi, a black-box is next to ANSI C structs …

I decided to use the type signature:

As done here:

This because it contains a GRecMutex and other fields it shall not copy.

best regards,

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