Create shortcut for new document (in Templates)

I want a shortcut for creating new files that I have in templates. So for example, create a shortcut for my.docx , so in that way I could create that file in any directory or sub-directory with a shortcut. It would be the same behavior of create a new folder with ctrl+shift+n, but with a file of Templates.

I have searched how to do this to no extent and I have not found any way of creating custom shortcut to do this.

You may need to write a nuatilus extension/script.

The problem is that I do not know how. I do not have any technical knowledge.

If we change the New Document submenu into a dialog we can bind a shortcut to it. There is a prototype for this which had been created by GSOC interns.

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When you have any news of this let me know here if you remember. Thanks.

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