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Hi, maintainers,
Would it be possible to create “GTK” category, where peopple can post questions related to the development with GTK+ and not necessary GNOME?

As it stands right now I don’t see such category. Everything here refers to GNOME, but there is nothing related to the GTK+ end-users (developers who uses GTK to create an application). This forum will not be for the GTK maintainers, but people who uses GTK library.

Thank you in advance.

Since GTK is used in different contexts, using a category would defeat the purpose.

You should use the “gtk” tag in your discussion, instead.

Note: it’s “GTK”, not “GTK+” :wink:

Could you please elaborate on different context?

As far as I understand there is only one GTK library, with which people can create an application. Is there any other?

Also, you note is duly noted. :wink:

Thank you.

A post on Discourse can only be part of a single category; a post can, on the other hand, have multiple tags.

People can use the “gtk” tag in different categories:

  • “Application”, for questions related to GTK in a specific GNOME application
  • “Platform”, for questions related to GTK development itself, or generic development with GTK
  • “Desktop”, for questions related to GTK use on the desktop
  • “Community”, for questions related to GTK in the community, like the website, or hackfests, or events

If you have questions about developing with GTK for your own, non-GNOME application, my suggestion is to use the “Platform” category, and use the “GTK” tag.

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OK, git it.
Thank you.

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