Controlling Tooltips? Delay, how often they appear and so forth

Hey folks,

Any of you use ruby or python (pygobject introspection) to control tooltips?

Tooltips work, but I haven’t been able to figure out controlling them more
easily. It’s ok to show them once or twice, but I noticed that tooltips can also
be distracting when you already know an application well, so I want to be able
to have more fine-tuned control. Any recommendation or hints how to achieve
this would be appreciated.

I also tried via the tooltip delay but that did not seem to work (or I was unable to get
it to work).

There’s no “more fine-tuned control”: either you set the tooltip, or you don’t.

There’s also no way to control the delay for a tooltip.

I asked a similar question some years ago :slight_smile:
Tooltipps can be annoying when we already know the tool. So I will try to provide an option to fully switch them off, I guess that will be possible at least.

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