Condensed Calendar + Notifications

Recently, Tobias from the design team created a mockup that moved notifications to quick settings and made them collapsible: see here.

Personally, I’m one of those who want to keep notifications in the center of the top bar. So, based on resources from the design team, I created an equivalent of the collapsible notifications, but with the calendar. I posted a mockup in the whiteboard: Condensed Calendar (#150) · Issues · Teams / Design / Whiteboards · GitLab

If anyone wants to keep notifications in the center of the top bar, or just wants another design for the calendar/clock, feedback is welcome!


Note: This is not an initiative of the GNOME design team. This is a user initiative.


I found you vision of expanded widgets (in the repo) very inspiring! I am very like events, weather and world clock design!
I personally do like current center alignment and current content of popup. It clean, simple and intuitive. And make perfect sense to my work!
But when I see Tobias design I imagine different things. 1) It could be used on mobile (so this is mobile ready component as is) 2) it moves away notification from center to more rare used zone 3) it contains alert grouping (this is great thing!) 4) it leaves space of central part to use for other things, like work overview (calendar, events, world clock, weather, todos etc).
So I believe your awesome design of widgets (events, world clock, weather) could be used in central part and Tobias Quick settings/notifications on the right side. At least this is how I see this

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Thanks! I can try to design a todo widget but it will definitely take some time because there may be tasks that have no date and no time.

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